This project was developed with one single aim: to save lives.

Almost a quarter of road traffic fatalities in Cyprus are drink related. We wanted to develop a hard-hitting campaign that spoke directly to our audience in a thought provoking way – a way that would affect their responsibility as road users. To add another ‘punch’ to our message we set the scene during the Christmas season, a time synonymous with family, social interaction and above all, good will.

In fact, good will is the thread that binds this project together, for all the 27 people involved in the production donated their time, their talent and their services without charge.

From the actors to the directors, from the production crew to location supply, we were overwhelmed with the immediate readiness of people willing to help. Everything fell into place with magical ease. We watched as our production manager made call after call, only to be astounded by a unanimous positive response. It didn’t matter who we called or what we needed, it seemed that we had been blessed with a magic wand of acceptance.

The production was shot over 3 days in 3 locations. Cast and crew assembled on each occasion with such enthusiasm that all we had to do was stand back and let it unfold. With their being no client, everyone was afforded the courtesy to exercise their particular craft. The directors directed, the actors acted, one by one, everyone’s expertise flowed in harmonious unison.

Our strategy for marketing this project centered around online channels but we also were relying on the good will of TV stations to air the 30 second spot. Our plan was also to offer it to the police for endorsement. Perhaps the best quote throughout this entire project came from the Chief of Traffic; “This is the best Christmas present we could have wished for”, he said.

It has been a overwhelming experience on so many levels; whether it be the incredible willingness of so many to give so much; or to be a part of such camaraderie on set; or to have such an enthusiastic response from the police force, one thing we can almost be sure of; this initiative will save lives.

We have said from the very beginning, if this saves just one life it will have been worth it. And we are sure that it has.

Please keep our magic wand working and forward this link over the festive season.


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