A team effort

There are a few occasions in one’s life when you are truly moved by people’s selfless actions and their willingness to help. The production of this campaign is firmly rooted on my list of such occurrences.

When we embarked on this project I could never have anticipated the level of interest, professionalism and sheer hard work ‘donated’ by so many, and without charge. In part, I attribute this to the uniqueness of the film industry. Unlike any other field, the level of camaraderie that exists between crew and cast and the mutual respect for each other’s craft is unparalleled. A production often operates as a family and ours was no exception.

I know I speak for cast and crew when I say, one person above all deserves our special thanks. Costas Pitsillides, our production manager was the catalyst for moving this idea from concept to production. He’s a giant amongst the givers of the world and worked tirelessly to assemble cast, crew, locations and logistics. We watched in amazement as every single call he made for help delivered a resounding response of, “yes, count me in”.

To our crew and cast, there is nothing I can say that can come close to thanking you all enough for your participation. There is no one who will know of the magnitude of your generosity because you will have saved lives this Christmas, you can take great pride in knowing that there may not be a daughter, dressing a tree, waiting for the father that never returns home.

Thank you.

Paul Iacovou

Managing Director, Navajo Digital.


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